We Care for our Work!

Clean Trend Cleaning is an Australian Owned and Operated business. Clean Trend Cleaning is a business which services both the domestic cleaning and the commercial cleaning sectors. Certain cleaning requirements will take place after hours for the convenience of the commercial sector.

Domestic cleaning takes place during the week from Monday to Friday inclusively. Clean Trend Cleaning is a business that always listens to our customer needs. Clean Trend Cleaning only uses the most efficient cleaning techniques and the least harmful cleaning materials.

Clean Trend Cleaning currently services most suburbs throughout Melbourne. Clean Trend Cleaning prides its self on delivering the highest standard of hygienic work practices and implements Occupational Health and Safety practices.

Why Choose Us

Among the other cleaning services, why should you choose us? Yes we can provide you the reasons why you should choose us.
  • Dedicated and well trained service staffs.
  • Affordable rate for the service.
  • The solutions used are compliant with the industry standards.
  • Clean Trend Cleaning is fully insured.
  • All cleaning professionals undergo National Police History check.
  • Customer satisfaction is our primary aim.
  • We provide services to all types of businesses including small, medium and large.
  • You can contact us anytime of the day for the best quality service.


Choosing Clean Trend Cleaning services, you will get some of the advantages. The advantages are:Integrated management servicesThrough integrated management services we provide streamlined operations that reduce
costs, single point of billing, greater transparency as well as cost control can be allowed
through fixed rates for services. Approachable & AccountableThe services that we provide are based on reliability, honesty and quality. The customized
cleaning solutions are for every commercial and domestic business and our customers can
approach to us any time they require.Green CleaningThe process of cleaning that we use is the bio-degradable cleaning solutions to minimise the carbon footprint and complying with the other environmental safety and health standards in Australia. Also, the electrical equipments used here are tested and tagged.